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September 22, 2006

BAAS Demo of the Thigpen Rotary Woofer (TRW)

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Bruce Thigpen and Winston Wright flew out on the Eminent Technologies corporate aircraft, complete with one TRW-17 rotary subwoofer and all the necessary installation retrofit needed to temporarily affix the TRW (we’ll refer to the new sub unit by TRW from here on out) to a door leading to my media room.

Bruce and Winston were very careful in crafting the temp install… the TRW, unlike all conventional subwoofers, needs a large space behind the room it is pushing air in and out of. In my case, we used the great outdoors as the back vent space. More on that later. So we installed the TRW into a doorway which then leads into a media room office. Winston constructed a nice temporary baffle to redirect the air pressure waves around the corner into the media room, via a temporarily open IAC studio grade sound door.

California 088.jpgCalifornia 108.jpgCalifornia 116.jpgCalifornia 117.jpgCalifornia 126.jpg

The purpose of the demo was to install, for the first time, the TRW into a real home theatre, and try off the shelf DVD content, and see if the TRW made any noticeable difference. Bruce had prepared cuts from about 10 DVDs that he found had good sub 20Hz content. DVD’s with plenty of sub 20Hz content are not very common, but quite fortunately many of the action and suspense type films do integrate quite a bit of the VLF (we’ll refer to sub 20Hz content at VLF from now on). Perhaps for the purpose of seat shakers? Who knows, but the VLF is certainly there, as can be measured by analyzing the DD or DTS soundtrack.

Bruce ran through the clips with and without the TRW in the system. Mind you, this is comparing the Wilson XS and two Wilson Watchdogs with and without the TRW… so the TRW better do something significant to add to these three powerful subs. The audience consisted of several of SF Bay area members. We also invited Keith Yates who attended. Keith is THE eminent high end home theatre designer/acoustician in California, if not the world. His knowledge on acoustics and all things home theatre is unsurpassed. You can read the comments on the AVSForum thread where we discussed audience reactions.

Suffice to say the difference the TRW made was quite significant. After seeing/hearing with the TRW, the Vogon’s destruction of Earth scene in HHGTTG was empty and hollow with just the three subs, almost devoid of the rumbling that the TRW provided. The cannon shots in Master Commander were OK before the TRW, hitting you in the but. With the TRW, the cannon shots were shockingly violent. You were absolutely there in the cannon bay of the British man’o’war, getting a concussion from the black powder cannon blast. WOW! After these clips, I simply HAD to HAVE this TRW IN MY THEATRE!

Also, it’s worth noting that the official demo attendees were not the only to enjoy the virtues of VLF at high SPLs. Turns out we had some unintended attendees… namely my neighbors about 1000ft away. As was related by this neighbor (who I had not met before this demo nite), she and her cul-de-sac neighbors were walking around the neighborhood wondering what was shaking their walls and rattling their pictures. It was a slow shaking she said, much like an earthquake, except it kept going on and off for hours during the day. So she and her son started wandering the neighborhood looking for what was the source of this wierd vibration. Well, by trial and error she found out house, and I fessed up. Of course, I took her and her son down the the bassment for a demo, and she turned into an avid fan (no pun intended) and wondered how she might get one of these for their home theatre.

California 127.jpgCalifornia 144.jpgCalifornia 168.jpgCalifornia 165.jpg

Some YouTube video links: TRW subwoofer in action

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  1. How do you get in to that demo? Is it an open house or do you have ‘connections’ ? (wink,wink!)

    Comment by Stacie — October 14, 2006 @ 12:27 pm

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