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September 23, 2006

Installing the TRW – the implications

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Installing the TRW into an already finished room is no simple feat. The TRW must stride a boundary between the room of interest and a sufficient back space volume. For an existing home theatre, this means cutting into a or ceiling, no other way around it! For my particular situation, since I am underneath a garage, the ceiling was out. The walls were out, because on the other side of the drywall is 12″ concrete, then mother earth.

Except for one wall – the wall leading to a basement popout which houses a half bath and a small ‘office’. It was the wall between the media room and the bath that Bruce and I focused on the possibility of installing the first ever TRW. It turns out that there is an HVAC chase that runs between basement and the garage and garage attic, and this chase is pretty wide (12-15 sq feet) and starts above the bathroom ceiling corner.

So we decided, that if we could install the TRW(s) above the media room bathroom ceiling, pushing air into the media room at ceiling height, that we could then backport the TRW into the media room bath/office (via a ceiling grate) and also into the garage and garage attic via the HVAC chase. Of course, the HVAC chase is not fully available to move air in and out because about half of it is occupied by fat 14″ SoundCore plenums.

But this was and is the only possibility to meet the unique install requirements of the TRW. As a last ditch backup, we could always install a screen door on the media room office external door (leading up to the ground level), and let the TRW’s vent to the outdoors. But that is not preferable (though it is optimal from a performance point of view) since the VLF pressure waves have a chance of being noticed by neighbors, as during the demo.

All this boils down to readily accepting the fact that one will have to do serious room surgery. Demolition of framing, drywall, the resulting dust, possible unforeseen damage to equipment, etc… The best way to get over that anxiety is to bash open a few pieces of drywall and get way past the point of no return.

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