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September 23, 2006

Point of no return

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Now we start moving HVAC ducting around so as to make a wide open space for the TRW manifold box to sit on top of the bath/office ceiling, and blow into the media room. All that framing above in the second pic has to come out. The ducting in the third pic has to be moved, which was not trivial. Oh, and the ceiling fixture that was in the ceiling had to be converted to wall sconces. Also note the office door leading up the ground level… if needed, we can vent the backside of the woofer through a screen door here.


Bruce Thigpen taking measurements… the TRW install has to be done in motion, as we open up the ceiling and walls, we get more visibility into what can be done with what dimensions.


All of the framing and drywall above will need to go… this separates the media room from the office/bath ceiling.


The drywall surrounding the soffit has been removed.


So now we have removed all the drywall on the soffit, the soffit framing, the soffit, and the drywall sealing the media room off from the office. Notice the 30 degree angle… Bruce wanted a flare opening as the air pressure waves enter the media room, because it improves the efficiency of the TRW, which results in more SPL at VLF.

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