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September 24, 2006

Second (and final) TRW goes in…

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The second TRW is now installed, and both are roughly concentric. The final tweaks will occur with the fan blades in and a rear reinforcement needs to be added to deal with axial forces from the voice coil.

The motors will be driven by an Altivar 31 motor controller, which will tell the motors how fast to spin, and this will be totally adjustable by PC software on the HTPC. The LFE signal from the Lexicon MC12B will feed into a 250W amp that will drive both TRW’s directly from the amp using 12 gauge speaker wire routed through some conduit that we fortunately installed from day one.

Next step is to wire in the motor controller, build the bottom and side of the manifold box, and line the manifold box with 3.5″ fiberglass batting (from Home Depot). Then we’ll use some perforated drop ceiling lighting grills to act as a grill into the media room, and for the back vents inside the bath/office area. We may or may not use additional back venting in the garage… we’ll see after some testing.

More pics tomorrow.

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