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September 25, 2006

HVAC, Electrical mods are all done…

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The HVAC guy just completed his part. Rejiggering the supply and return plenums, cutting new grills into the soffit, and capping off the soffit modifications. We also went from 16″ to 14″ plenums to make more room for the TRW’s.

Electrician did his thing… brought down a 240V for the motor controller (Altivar 31), moved a ceiling lamp fixture into two sconces on the wall.

Bruce is now wiring the motor wires and voice coil wires up as we speak.

Winston is building the side and bottoms of the manifold. I have been searching for an RS-485 to RS-232 adapter so as to control the TRW motors from the HTPC, so I’m off to R&D Electronics in Fremont to get one for $50. We’ll also wire in a motor on/off remote switch at the equipment rack in the rear of the theatre… this gives us a completely remote controlled solution with an HTPC software GUI for command/control.

Today’s been very productive. Bruce hopes to power up the TRW’s with blades sometime this evening.

Status Quo: HVAC done. Electrician done.  TRW rough install done.

Yet to Go:  Light Framing/Drywall repair.  Room cleanup.  Manifold completion. TRW powerup and tuning.

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