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September 25, 2006

Now I remember why we went to IP …

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Some codgers, esp in the custom install world, maintain the world should operate by RS-485 and other serial protocols. Well, after a day of hacking and whacking and still not making two points talk over RS-485, I declare serial dead. I remember many times getting caught by the RS-232 rx/tx snafu’s… is it straight or crossover from point to point?

Well, all devices in the home should be ethernet addressable, with TCP/IP stacks. Let every command/control word flow over a TCP or UDP stream. Life would be just so much simpler. Note to all vendors of things that need configuration or monitoring: get with the modern world and network your stupid boxes.

We wasted alot of time trying to get a PC to talk to the Altivar 31 motor controller this  afternoon over RS485. We have not finished the manifold boxes. Thus we have not powered up the TRW’s to check for noise floor. The drywall guy comes tomorrow, so we better be all done with the boxes and do his framing for him by 4pm tomorrow.

edit: in talking with Altivar tech support, we found out that the software they included with the motor controller is some demo piece of junk, and won’t even work with the new firmware inside the current motor controller.  So on top of RS485 issues, we have software that doesn’t talk to hardware.

Schneider Electric gets a major boo from us … another fine example of a vendor who treats their customers poorly.  Not only doesn’t the bundled software work with the motor controller, but we have to BUY the real software, AND it has to be shipped… can’t download it over the net. Very weak.  FYI, this is a French company.

On the plus side, once this motor controller software comes up, you can get lots of info about the motor driver status, control RPMs, switching frequency, all kinds of stuff.

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  1. Hello.
    I work at Schneider and we certainly need to improve in many domains, and not just because we are originally a French company 😉 I would really appreciate if you could give me a few details of what really happened. I don’t know if I can do much, but I can certainly forward this to the right people.

    On another topic, I am a blogger myself ( and all bloggers I know have an identity. I am surprised not to find yours on your blog. Or maybe I didn’t find it.


    Comment by Martin R. Dugage — December 1, 2006 @ 9:22 am

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