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September 28, 2006

Construction phase complete – tuning now begins.

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Today we started at 0730 cleaning up both rooms. Surprisingly the mess evaporated reasonably fast, and by noon time we were all cleaned up and vacuumed. I put some fiberglass batting all around the back port space so as to further quiet down the fan noise.

Here’s what the front of the room looked like around noon:


Now, all the plastic is off the equipment, and the acoustic treatments are back on the wall, the left channel X1 and Watchdog are back in their place. BTW, I seem to have fry’d a right channel X1 tweeter. Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love was the culprit methings.

We still need paint of course, but now you can see the finished install of the TRW’s, sans the custom grill still to be designed and built:


Here is view of the back side of the TRWs:


Another view:


All of the above will be covered a breatheable grill cover.

Performance commentary: the room is really responding well to 0-5Hz, and Bruce tonight tweaked in new blade shapes, rpm’s for the TRW motors, switching frequency on the driver controller, etc… and the DC-20Hz curve is starting to look nice now.

We still are not satisfied with the high freq fan noise however. It’s quiet enough for a movie, but Bruce wants it much more silent, so he will work on this tomorrow.

By noon, Bruce feels we’ll be previewing some movie content and getting a feel for the bottom line, so to speak.

Bruce also is making me a custom mic that will measure down to <1Hz, and my HTPC will be able to show demo attendees the full spectrum response of the room to the TRW’s.

Tomorrow we should also start posting performance graphs… stay tuned for the news…

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  1. question, why is the rotary subwoofer placed inside near the top of door? Cant it be placed on the floor?…oh and is it dangerous to do so?

    Comment by Qorx — September 2, 2007 @ 3:24 pm

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