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September 29, 2006

First Impressions

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I spent the day in the office while Bruce and Winston got the TRW’s hooked up to my Lexicon and sound system.

I arrived at home around 5pm, and Bruce asked if I wanted to hear the good news or the bad news.

OK. What a way to arrive home after a week of destroying the sanctity of my media room! I wanted to hear good news and better news. Bruce is the kind of rare individual that offers no hype or sugar coating… he likes to talk facts. So, I better face up to the music and hear what’s what.

The bad news came first: the Wilson Watchdogs were picking up lots of motor noise, quite audible. Oh crap.

The good news, also bad news again: the media room construction simply cannot take the full output of the TRWs.
Well, this could be good or bad, depending on what SPL the room can and can not take.

The Watchdog problem turned out not to be a Watchdog problem, but some kind of wierd wiring snafu in the patch panel I was using… when we hooked the Watchdog directly to the Lexicon MC12B output, the Watchdog was absolutely silent.
So, this is easy to fix… the patch panel was there for when we had EQ’s that we wanted to patch in and out. The Ashley EQ’s distort too much in my opinion, and thus are out of the system anyway.

Now for the good/bad news. I sat down to hear and feel what was the issue with the high SPL and the room.
Bruce turned on a 7Hz test signal at 125dB SPL and I simply could not believe what we were observing.
The room walls were moving what I thought to be at least a 1/4 inch back and forth. But happened next was really unexpected. The 300lb door leaf on the IAC sound door was actually shaking and slapping the metal door frame. You have to understand that the door leaf is sealed to the metal frame with two full magnet surrounds… people who have been in my media room are typically unable to open the door because of the mass and the magnetic seal holding capability. I always have to pause the movie, and push the door open.

And 200W of amplifier power applied to the TRW was flapping this door in the frame like a piece of paper.

We’ll post actual frequency vs SPL vs THD charts in the next 24 hours.

Clearly, this TRW technology is by far, the most powerful solution for sub-bass.

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