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September 30, 2006

Install Plans for reference

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Given the amazing and surprising results of the TRW’s, I thought I would share the plan drawings so you can understand better how the TRWs are mechanically configured with respect to the room. It is hard to get a sense for the layout just from the preceeding pics.

Below shows a side view… the room on the right is the media room receiving the pressure waves from the ceiling install of the fans through the manifold, quieted down by insulation as the pressure waves travels from the TRW (rotary woofer) to the media room. To the left and below the TRW manifold are two small rooms, a bathroom, and an equal sized ‘office’ where I store movies, albums, CD’s, and cables/manuals. The volume of those two rooms together is about 1/6th of the media room itself. These two rooms are part of the back venting volume. Remember, it’s critical in this design to provide large amounts of volume on the backside of the ‘speaker’ (TRW). The second pic is the top view looking down from the sky into the manifold. ALSO notice that the backvent path continues into the garage, as noted in the first pic. The garage is more volume than the media room by about 15%, so that gives more than a 1:1 ratio of back volume, which is what Bruce ideally wanted.

tzucc woofer installation.JPGtop view concept.JPGtzucc hvac layout.JPG
The third pic above shows the HVAC layout, which was a constraint… we had to fit the manifold in between the supply and return lines, and because we would destroy part of the soffit to cut in the manifold, we also had to change where the vents in the soffit would be, on one side only of course.

Bruce and I were worried that the opening between the office/bath and the garage would be too constricting for efficient presentation of the garage volume to the TRW’s backventing needs. This opening could only be about 8 sq feet without cutting into the concrete garage floor up above.

However, as the numbers will soon show and First Impressions post show, the garage was receiving all the back pressure waves that we would have wanted. It intrigues me as to how efficient that small opening was in connecting the garage volume to the office/bath volume.

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