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September 22, 2006

Media Room before new subwoofer technology…

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Why this blog…

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I have been focusing on low frequency sound reproduction in my home theatre ever since I first powered it on. I have three subwoofers in the room right now… a 700lb Wilson XS powered by a 2400 Watt Crown K2 amp, and two (400lb) Wilson Watchdog powered subs. A few pics of the media room as of one week ago are posted up above.

But such subwoofery was not sufficient. Yes, there was plenty of low bass. I did tune the sub placement by using the EFT spectrum analysis software, and did get a nice flat response from 20-80Hz. SPL (sound pressure level) seemed reasonable, but still I lfelt there was more to do… something seemed to be missing. If we’re going to the trouble and expense of creating a high end theatre, we want raw reality to permeate our senses. I believe that just crisp sound and video is not enough – you must reproduce nature’s effects in their fullness. Certainly I have decent enough speakers to create SPL from 20Hz to 20kHz.

Perhaps the missing piece was creating SPL at the lower end of the subwoofer range of sound, below 20Hz limit of existing subwoofer technology. However, what could I do here… add more Wilson XS subwoofers? Each one is the size of a fridge… one is enough! So I basically stopped innovating in the room… vaguely unhappy with the low frequency outcome.

I ran across a mention of something new in the extreme bass world called the Rotary Woofer. Some offbeat inventor had shown up at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in 2005 with some newfangled invention that promised to provide prodigious amounts of bass from 20Hz down to 0Hz. Hmm… 0Hz indeed. From the scant online writeups about the demo, attendees had been visibly impressed by what they saw or felt.

OK, I bit… I emailed the inventors website. We exchanged messages, and I offered my underground home theatre as a demo, should he ever come out the West Coast (he’s in Florida). Silicon Valley being a fertile ground for suckers or customers of such technology, the inventor put together a demo and flew out with his able bodied assistant to showcase this technology, for the first time, in an actual home theatre.

So here, the story begins, with the actual demo day, in the context of the Ultra Hi End AudioForum where many Bay area audio nuts hang out online.

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