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October 12, 2006

Pics of various venting points

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garage vent… inside that cavity, looking down, is another 7-8sq ft opening into the area behind the dual TRW install. So air pressure waves, in addition to venting into the bath/office outside the media room, also vents into the garage, albeit through a bit of a chokepoint. Trust me, there is lots of air pressure making it’s way through that opening into the garage… how can I tell? The garage doors slap around like pieces of cardboard.

the larger of the vents in the office and media room.

different angle, yes, I know, the paint didn’t quite match… it came out of the same can!
The flash bulb convicted me of faulty work here… but you’d be hard pressed to notice it in person.

the front side vent in the media room… again that damn flash bulb hints at what is normally unseed, i.e.
the insulation behind the foam grill. Hey, in person, this stuff all looks halfway professional!


Eqpt rack… red switch starts the twin turbines… the Lake EQ can be seen just below the DVHS. Bruce’s custom turbine amp below the HTPC.

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