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October 18, 2006

Something strange, but fortuitous

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The backside of the TRW’s vent into the office and bath,  which are two rooms just outside of the media room, separated by a IAC STC55 door.  The TRW also vents into the garage up above, thanks to an HVAC chase we opened up from the media room bath connecting to the garage floor. As explained in previous posts.

There is a third venting option very close to the TRWs… just below those grates you see below in the previous post, there is a regular sized door opening to the outdoor stairwell to the media room office. You’d expect that by opening that door, that output in the media room would rise… given that the TRW design likes as much back volume as you can give it. Ideally, Bruce wanted to vent the backside into the great outdoors, but we nixed that when the neighbors in the next block over starting wondering what (un)natural phenomenon was haunting their house by slowly shaking their walls.

Maybe not. Because opening that stairwell door causes 10Hz, for example, SPLs to drop by 3dB. Somehow, constraining the backside volume, as we did with trepidation that output would suffer, instead turned into a stroke of luck and actually gave us 3dB of gain.  Hey, I’m not about to complain!

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